Symbol Predicts an Asset Market Revolution by 2025


Symbol Token to be officially launched in 2021, predicts a revolution for the asset market. According to his latest blog post titled "A New Era of Commerce: The Incredible Asset Market of 2025", the team believes that the token markets are rapidly moving towards full interconnection.

Token trading everywhere

Symbol's prediction focuses on general tokenization and all kinds of token markets. In other words, they believe that centralized and decentralized markets will be connected, resulting in a significant revolution. The symbols team talks about a new way of operating in the new post:

“This combination of centralized and decentralized network markets will have a global impact that is difficult to fully understand, even as we approach a few years away. The only thing we can say with certainty is that it will be the beginning of new business channels, new ways of negotiating and potentially new ways of creating value in ways never seen before.

Tokenization is Symbol's main prediction topic. They say that everything will become a token in the near future and that we can exchange anything, anywhere. The article talks about foreign currencies, stocks, shares, intellectual property, experience and ideas as examples of assets that can be tokenized soon.

The other part of the prediction that Symbol focuses on is the data property. According to the article:

“People will start to take control of their own data, such as web browsing history, social media, health, and geolocation. Instead of allowing large companies to collect and monetize it, each individual can start to choose what data to share and capture that monetization for themselves.

The Symbol team's prediction is not the first of its kind. Many tech enthusiasts believe in the disruptions that especially blockchain technology will cause in the future. But there are always obstacles and challenges for every interruption. Symbol believes the most critical hurdles are regulatory and technology hurdles to be resolved in 2025.

Symbol's prediction article ends with a picture of a bright future for the year 2025. Regardless of the outcome, its prediction shows a path towards more decentralized trading mechanisms:

“It is likely that in 2025 there will be data-driven services that find the best multi-threaded operations like these and offer them as a single packaged operation. Trade anything for anything in multi-party aggregate trades where you may not even see the intermediary assets. The possibilities are mind-boggling and Symbol will lead the way.

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