Ripple's development platform plans to work with Ethereum (ETH)


Last weekend, Ripple's arm and investment platform for software developers that allows them to work with crypto payments, acted as sponsor of the ETH Denver hackathon, one of the largest ETH conferences and hackathons in the US. .

Anticipating questions about why, Warren Paul Anderson of Ripple and Xpring has made a blog post to explain why it was necessary and what is behind this sponsorship.

«What is Ripple doing in an Ethereum thing? – Fair question. I'm glad you asked 🙂 »

Building bridges between XRPL and ETH

The blog post reminds the community that Xpring is an open platform by default and what it does is create everything open: software, standards, protocols, etc. The team also loves to cooperate with those who share the same or similar values.

According to the publication, more than 40 Xpring IT engineers spend their time creating open source software.

Xpring He also believes that interoperability is vital for the development of the future blockchain world and for the widespread adoption of DLT and cryptocurrencies. They also claim that developers must be free in choosing the tools they use to work on their projects.

Anderson reminds readers that recently Ethereum He set an ambitious goal to increase his community to 1 million developers worldwide. Xpring believes that this number of software developers should work not only on Ethereum but on all blockchain platforms.

Interoperability is crucial here for developers to join their efforts, as well as resources, and build blockchain easily at high speed.

Finally, Anderson mentions that it is important that Ripple build a bridge between XRP and ETH, as well as among all ERC20-based currencies: Ripple wants to have a computational layer to support smart contracts for Ethereum-based DeFi.

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