Ripple has released XRPL version 1.7.0


Ripple has announced the release of XRPL version 1.7.0.

The goal of this new version is to improve the decentralization, security and efficiency of XRP Ledger, which is the XRP distributed ledger.

A series of changes have reduced memory usage by 50% and optimized proposal routing and validation, benefiting operators of single servers and large clusters. Part of these memory savings come from a change introduced by Ripple's chief technology officer, David schwartz, which removes a layer of caching to further improve memory and execution time.

The version released by Ripple of XRPL

The new version improves security and reduces the amount of bandwidth required, allowing servers to more easily stay in sync with the rest of the network.

Additionally, the history partitioning makes it easier to host the entire history, spreading it across multiple servers and eliminating the need for a single server to have enough disk space, and tickets are entered to improve the execution of out-of-order transactions, which which is particularly important. beneficial for facilitating multi-signature transactions.

Reporting mode now enables more efficient processing of client requests, serving more clients with fewer servers and resources.

In particular, it is the introduction of the so-called ledger repetition that is a key enhancement for XRP Ledger, precisely because improves security Y reduces the amount of bandwidth. However, this is an experimental feature that can be enabled through options.

Bharath chari XRP Ledger Foundation said:

"Improvements, such as current improvements in memory usage, are key to growth and innovation in the ledger. We look forward to supporting the broader ecosystem, including excellent code development by the RippleX team. Testimony to this will be our focus on producing an evolving list of validators and improving the core code and infrastructure behind XRP Ledger. ”

The goal of the XRP Ledger Foundation is precisely to accelerate the development and adoption of XRPL by engaging developers, while RippleX is one of the contributors to the XRPL community.

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