NFT Chainbinders game raises $ 5 million in first two hours of its token sale


The NFT craze is spreading like wildfire as a new NFT game Chainbinders, the world's first collection of liquid NFTs backed by an Ethereum reserve pool, has raised $ 5 million in ETH in just two hours after the start of the sale of its native BND utility token.

According to a ad from Chainbinders on Tuesday, April 13, $ 3.8 million was raised in just 15 minutes as part of the Liquidity Building Event (LGE) and the total funds raised on the first day of LGE exceeded $ 6.5 million.

According to the announcement, Chainbinders is the latest NFT product from Doki Doki Finance, a Japanese NFT gaming platform that developed another NFT product, DeGacha, inspired by the popular Japanese Gachapon, a type of vending machine, where players are given random collectibles from the Vending machines.

According to a blog post Featuring Chainbinders, this is a game based on a story where a huge solar flare brings humanity to the brink of extinction. The solar flare kills most of the humans it comes into direct contact with, but 15 children from around the world survive the event and gain mysterious powers. The story of the game revolves around these 15 children called Chainbinders. The chainwomen seek out their collectors, individuals with the ability to restore them to their full power.

Roy Blackstone, Creative Director of Doki Doki, said:

“Chainbinders is part game theory, part art collecting, part gacha and part anime. It has elements of things ranging from Final Fantasy to Nier: Automata. We're creating original IPs and characters (a massive cast of 15 of them!), Giving each one their own backgrounds, traditions, stories, motivations, and then gamifying them in the market with some smart token mechanics to make sure these NFTs have instant liquidity and real value ».

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The Chainbinders Gacha machine will feature over 100 NFTcards from the Chainbinders universe, including 15 Chainbinders of Legendary rarity. The native utility token BND BND will be the only way to play the Chainbinders Gacha machine and get the NFTs. To distribute the BND token, a one-time sale event is taking place, also known as a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), in which everyone has the opportunity to buy BND with ETH within the next 21 days.

100% of the minted BND will be sold through this public LGE. After this sale, no BND will be issued and the only way to obtain BND will be by buying it from someone else on the open market.

Of this $ 6.5 million, 75% of the total ETH raised will be sent to the Reserve Fund that backs the value of each Chainbinders NFT card. NFTs are liquid on demand and can be burned to redeem group ETH.

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