Litecoin about to decide the path it will take for next week.


Litecoin, one of the few cryptocurrencies that maintains its positive numbers in the last 24 hours within the crypto market. With a 3.41% increase, it seeks to overcome a key resistance this week, the pivot point and a small trend line formed above the previous highs.

The situation is clear within the LTC market, the next two candles will decide the course that will take next week. With the two aforementioned points serving as resistance, a breakdown of those levels could be considered as an entry opportunity to go looking for targets close to S1 around $ 83.

We must take into account the volume and the RSI, at the moment there seems to be possibilities of a more pronounced upward movement. In the graph it can be seen how LTC used 38% Fibonacci as a bounce area twice, this point represents a very important level of land in the price, point that can be used as an area of ​​historical consolidation before going for the $ 100.

We will be attentive to the next two candles, if there is a trend break and pivot point we enter the purchase with a slightly close stop -1%.

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