IOTA has shared guidelines on how to protect your Trinity Wallet


After the recent hack faced by IOTA Trinity Wallet, the IOTA team has urged users to protect their wallet-stored balance, providing the necessary tool for it.

A week ago, IOTA's Trinity Wallet suffered a hacker attack and many users lost their cryptocurrency balances.

The IOTA team then strongly recommended not to use Trinity mobile wallets or personal computers until the investigation is over.

IOTA contacted law enforcement organizations to conduct an investigation together and strive for results as quickly as possible.

Now, the IOTA team has turned to Twitter to warn users that they need to protect their Trinity wallets. They addressed only a certain part of the users, saying they need to use the seed migration tool to secure their cryptocurrencies. They also have to change passwords for greater protection of their balances.

The warning was not addressed to the Ledger Nano wallet owners, although they were advised to change their passwords.

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