IOTA Foundation has launched IOTA Streams


The IOTA Foundation announced the final launch of IOTA Streams. The new service adds to the foundation's growing portfolio of products. IOTA Streams focuses on services for data sharing, security and control on IoT devices. It is an open source DLT framework that is now available in the final alpha version.

Granular data access through IOTA

In the IoT industry, the exchange of data between connected devices is a vital necessity. As a blockchain with a focus on IoT, IOTA always tries to provide the best options for these systems. IOTA Streams is their latest offering that will facilitate data sharing and data access for devices and users.

Full control of the data being shared is beneficial for industry players in IoT. According to the IOTA Foundation, IOTA Streams “It gives data producers detailed control over who can access the data they produce; whether it's from a mobile device, an ambient IoT sensor, a connected vehicle, an industrial IoT solution, or anything else. '

The main mission of IOTA Streams is to protect data on IoT devices. The flow of data to and from cloud servers needs layers of security, and IOTA Streams tries to solve the problems by securing and structuring the data on the device itself. In other words, the protocol secures the value of the data at the point of creation. It uses various solutions and techniques such as tamper-proof historical verification, cryptocurrency, and data request in the Tangle.

IOTA Streams is currently in the Alpha stage and will remain in that phase until it moves to the Chrysalis protocol upgrade phase 2. There is another upgrade phase that will make the protocol fully feature-compatible. After that, IOTA Streams will go to Beta.

The Rust programming language is the primary choice for multiple IOTA Foundation products.

Continuing down this path, the broadcast library and channel app are written in Rust. However, we also have plans to develop a C library to serve certain embedded applications. We have currently developed C bindings and plan to support JavaScript and WebAssembly soon. Don't you want to wait? We welcome the ecosystem to get involved and help accelerate its development », according to the IOTA Foundation.

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