Google BigQuery integrates Tezos public finance dataset


The official partnership between Google Cloud and the Tezos community has just started. The Tezos dataset is now integrated into Google BigQuery, which can mean a lot to the blockchain ecosystem when looking at a tech giant.

“Google Cloud kindly hosts the dataset for public access. You only pay for the inquiries you make about the data. However, you can view this dataset for free, up to 1 TB per month, every month ». according to publication from the Tezos Insights blog.

Tech giant helps blockchain ecosystem

Google BigQuery helps the Tezos community a lot by hosting the financial dataset. The query process will be more comfortable on the Tezos dataset with the help of Google. Users can now query string data that will be handled by cloud-based services using standard SQL syntax. As a result, the data analysis processes will be significantly easier.

With BigQuery, users can also run similar queries on multiple blockchains and compare them. Tracking cross-chain activities in tokens like TzBTC will also be more convenient.

Working with a large technology company like Google can lead Tezos to significant milestones in adoption and growth. Blockchain can now expand its offerings while relying on the robust infrastructure of Google Cloud.

Corey Soreff compares the new situation after partnering with Google:

“While Tezos nodes allow basic queries to retrieve address and transaction data, even basic analytics are not supported. Tezos data needs to be uploaded to a data warehouse to obtain business relevant information. '

Due to the multiple options that Google BigQuery offers to Tezos users and developers, there will be many use cases. Monitoring gas and call costs and smart contract activity are two of the clearest use cases.

Tezos Commons now uses new Tezos ETL tools, airflow DAGs, and a Kubernetes node to load Tezos data into BigQuery on a daily basis. All of these services are open source and available to everyone.

The new integration and partnership is the result of a collaboration between various teams. Corey says:

“It has been a pleasure working with Allen Day and the rest of the Google Cloud team on this project, as well as with Blockchain ETL project founder Evgeny Medvedev and his team at Helix Technologies, whom we recommend to any project looking to implement its own. ETL and BigQuery integration ”.

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