Ethernity Chain to launch an IDO on Polkastarter in March


Ethernity Chain announced a plan for an IDO on Polkstarter. Pokstarter will handle the fundraising process of the NFT DeFi project, and public users can buy $ ERN tokens to invest in Ethernity Chain.

The Ethernity Chain IDO process is the second step to fundraising after having successfully raised private funds from some major investment firms.

Ethernity Chain plans to provide a platform to buy and sell various NFTs on chain. IDO will help you find the money you need for faster development and promotion.

Raising money in a fully decentralized way

Fundraising for blockchain projects has taken various forms in recent years. ICO was one of the most famous ways for teams to find individual and corporate investors. But it faced a lot of scrutiny due to the scams that occurred in recent years.

Now, IDO is presented as a safer way to raise money for this type of project. Pokstarter is one of the leading platforms to bring IDO opportunity to teams.

Ethernity Chain is the latest project to leverage the platform for fundraising. It will be launched on Polkstarter initially, and interested users can purchase $ ERN tokens on that platform.

ethernity-polkastarter "width =" 699 "height =" 250 "srcset =" 699w, 300w, /uploads/sites/2/2021/02/ethernity-polkastarter-696x250.jpg 696w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 699px) 100vw, 699px "src =" https: //es.crypto-economy .com / wp-content / uploads / sites / 2/2021/02 / ethernity-polkastarter.jpg "/></p><p><noscript></p><p style=Ethernity Chain has successfully raised money from strategic investors such as Morningstar Ventures, Black Edge Capital, Spark, Woodstock, and GBV. In other words, the first phase of the fundraising is over and the team is now looking at ways to raise more money from individual users. It gives the Ethernity community the possibility of participating in the project from the first phases.

Polkstarter, a platform built on top of Polkadot, is a great option for blockchain teams looking for fundraisers or auctions. It provides the opportunity to create groups and cross-chain auctions in a decentralized manner.

The decentralized and interoperable environment in Polkstarter reduces the risk for token holders. The earnings and rewards will also be more for investors and token holders on this platform.

Ethernity Chain Plans to Merge DeFi Features with NFT. It has been successful partnering with famous names in the blockchain ecosystem. According to the press release:

“To date, Ethernity Chain has joined forces with the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, Swedish DJ and record producer Alesso, sports mogul Michael Rubin, soccer players Christian Vieri and Paolo Maldini, and others to promote collectible works by digital artists. like Mad Dog. Jones, Bosslogic, Klarens and many others «.

Ethernity Chain claims to provide a pipeline for rare and valuable Digital Collectibles (NFTs) in a decentralized and secure manner. Regarding the considerable interest in NFTs, we can expect tremendous growth for the Ethernity Chain.

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