DeFi giants Aave, Curve, Compound and Synthetix are now members of the Huobi-led Global DeFi Alliance


Huobi Global, the world's leading Chinese-sourced crypto exchange, has announced the addition of 10 new members to your Global DeFi Alliance recently released, including DeFi heavyweights Aave, Curve, and Synthetix.

With the addition of 10 new members, the total alliance membership is now 15. The 10 members are Curve, Aave, Synthetix, Balancer, Zapper, Zerion, Loopring, Bitpie, Mykey, and CoinGecko.

As reported by Crypto Economy, Huobi Global's newly formed decentralized finance (DeFi) division, Huobi DeFi labs, launched the Global DeFi Alliance in August 2020 to promote research and development of DeFi, promote best practices and facilitate cross-border collaboration and ecosystem development. between East and West.

Maker Foundation, Compound Finance, NEST Protocol, dYdX, and Huobi DeFi Labs are founding members of the alliance. Curve Finance, Aave and Synthetix have joined these DeFi and Crypto leaders to help accelerate the development and adoption of DeFi on a global scale.

Among these 10 newly added members, eight are heavy hitters in the DeFi field. Aave, an Ethereum-based lending platform, stands out as it is currently the king of the DeFi market blocking $ 1.48 billion, according to DeFi tracker. DeFi Pulse.

Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, is ranked # 3 on DeFi's leaderboard with $ 1.02 billion on its platform.

Balancer, it is also an Ethereum based DEX, is ranked at number 5 on TVL with 759 million. Synthetix, a decentralized platform on Ethereum for creating on-chain synthetic assets that tracks the value of real-world assets, is ranked number seven with 718 million in total locked value (TVL).

Zapper Finance and Zerion are simple interfaces for DeFi asset management. Loopring is based on the Layer2 zk Rollup Decentralized exchange expansion solution and a payment protocol. Mykey is the world's leading Ethereum smart wallet service provider.

This is the second batch of members. Huobi DeFi Labs will add more new teams to the Global DeFi Alliance, including wallets, protocols, research institutions, investment institutions, security companies, commercial firms, and traditional financial institutions.

Sharlyn Wu, chief investment officer and director of DeFi Labs, said:

“With the addition of new members, the members of the Global DeFi Alliance have covered core teams in all segments of the decentralized finance field. We are still waiting for the participation of more builders. The global DeFi alliance will jointly explore borderless industry collaboration.

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