Dapper Labs and Circle allow buying and selling digital collectibles with credit and debit cards


Thanks to a new partnership between Dapper Labs, the developer of the famous game CryptoKitties and known for creating accessible sports, entertainment and consumer experiences on blockchain technology, and Circle, a leading global fintech company, fans can now buy and sell digital collectibles using credit and debit cards.

Circle announced the news in a publication Tuesday, September 15. According to the announcement, through this partnership, Dapper Labs will add support for credit and debit card payments to be settled in USD Coin (USDC), a fully reserved currency and a regulated digital dollar stablecoin has been developed. The traditional payment option will initially be compatible with NBA TopShot.

According to Circle, this is the first time credit and debit card payment options have been added to popular decentralized apps, collectibles, and globally settled markets in USD Coin (USDC). The addition of traditional payment options will remove the friction on onboarding new users and the widespread adoption of Dapper products like NBA TopShot.

Jeremy allaire, CEO and co-founder of Circle, on the partnership, commented:

“Dapper is a true pioneer in media and entertainment, taking over decentralized blockchain technologies to bring consumers experiences never before possible. We are proud to be a part of history, enabling Dapper customers to fully participate in unique and highly engaging digital gaming economies with familiar methods of sending and receiving payments, while realizing the benefits of digital currency.

All these functionalities are possible thanks to the new blockchain platform Flow by Dapper Labs. Como reported Crypto Economy, Dapper Labs launched Flow blockchain in March 2020 to address the challenges it encountered on Ethereum, and CryptoKitties caused unprecedented network congestion on the Ethereum network when it launched on the mainnet.

Flow blockchain presents Flow Playground, an interactive web interface that allows developers to code smart contracts and dapps for Flow blockchain. Flow's Alpha feature also provides some exclusive features for developers on the network, where they can access a single Discord channel to collaborate with top blockchain developers.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO and Co-Founder of Dapper Labs, commented:

“We are proud to work with Circle to create an incredible checkout experience for all of our Flow customers, starting with NBA Top Shot. Circle's payment technology combined with the performance of our new network, Flow, means that any developer can build crypto-enabled applications without sacrificing the user experience.

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