Blockchain games; The next milestone for the entertainment industry


Video games are no longer just entertainment. This industry has recorded more than $ 150 billion in revenue last year. Analysts predict that 2020 will set a new record of more than 200 billion.

Blockchain games cover a fair share in the gaming industry. While you have a long way to go to earn a sizable chunk, the deals are fantastic right now.

When you look at some of the titles available to players, you see the potential of decentralized games to become the next great revolution in the industry.

A new era is approaching in which players are not only the payers, they will have full control over their gaming experience and they will also be able to earn money while playing.

When players become owners

The Blockchain technology It has a complete list of user-oriented features and options. The concept is totally focused on a better experience and freedom. Many of these features can help game developers create more attractive titles.

Decentralized nature, financial incentives, security-based concepts, and privacy-focused tools are just a few examples.

When developers decide to make a game on the blockchain infrastructure, they face a different enough world.

They also work to give maximum control to users. A type of power that relates not only to game assets and rewards, but also to digital identity.

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Data hackers and server attacks are becoming the norm in today's cybersecurity world. Hackers are now seeking more profitable targets as businesses and gaming companies are not exempt.

Blockchain games use decentralized networks to store data and maintain the game's backbone. When there is no centralized server for hackers to attack, developers are more relaxed with their data.

Blockchain security principles also help players. They can store and market their digital earnings with ease. Most blockchain games use Ethereum based tokens as in-game assets.

Players can use robust and secure wallets like MyEtherWallet. Even if the game faces a technical emergency, the chips are safe in the wallet.

Earn money while playing

Financial incentives and blockchain use cases help many concepts and projects grow within the industry. As mentioned above, players obtain digital assets in these types of titles that have the option of being stored in a wallet or exchanged in an exchange.

So when users have a "real" financial incentive to play, the chance of the community growing increases.

Looking at the future

Many gaming companies are currently working on blockchain games. Big names like MakerDAO and Ubisoft They have entered the market investing in promising equipment, this shows the bright future for the growing segment of the industry. But there are still many challenges in attracting regular users to blockchain games.

This ecosystem needs a lot of marketing and investment to show the benefits of the new games so that one day we can see many big-name blockchain games like Prospectors, EOS Dynasty, CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, etc.

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