Bitcoin and Ethereum analysis 08/19/2021: BTC and ETH continue to surprise


You know that someone has not given up when you observe their effort, their continuous advance and their struggle.

Boy, these words were the ones that came to my mind when I woke up. Those and "God thanks for a new day."

Waking up and observing such a positive market, but with a low volume, from my point of view, made me reflect on a few words that Bill Gates mentioned regarding cryptocurrencies.

You may not like this man. However, that is irrelevant to any opinion or thought that emanates from him, more words, less words he said something like this: People like to gamble, a craze has been unleashed with bitcoin that makes a price too volatile.

These words make me reflect on what are we really doing? I am almost certain that at least 60% of new retail traders are not sure what they are doing, but they see profits and knowing what to do is irrelevant.

It is, perhaps, known that financial crises tend to generate new millionaires to catapult, or sink socio-economic levels.

And I wonder are you really in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are creating the future, or just prolonging the system we already have?

A somewhat profound question, but this is not the means to analyze it.

Let's review the interest levels for this weekend, in Ethereum and BTC in my new analysis for Cryptocurrency, but … I leave that reflection for you to think a bit.

Bitcoin 1D

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Bitcoin price chart 02/19/2021 | TradingView

The daily candle looks very promising. The $ 54,000 is looking closer and closer.

Bitcoin is approaching $ 53,000 and the bulls led, perhaps by the FOMO, do not stop pushing up and the bears do not miss the opportunity and also take a slice of the cake. Total … there is for everyone.

Bulls know that just $ 53,000 will give them the boost they are looking for to reach $ 54,000 and beyond.

But they know that it is a tough fight with so much uncertainty and a market that only knows how to inject money … Like the Nasdaq? Wink, wink.


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Bitcoin price chart 02/19/2021 | TradingView

The bulls maintain control of the BTC, as long as they are able to sustain above $ 52,000–51,600.

The price can walk in these areas before breaking $ 53,000 and target the $ 54,000.

But they must be careful. The bears are on the prowl and may surprise even over $ 53,000.

Bitcoin bears will be stronger below $ 51,500, so we must be on the lookout for deep corrections in case of breaking out of this zone and holding. Pay attention!

Ethereum 1D

ANALYSIS ETHEREUM 19 02 2021 "width =" 1280 "height =" 761 "srcset =" -19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-1-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021.jpg 1280w, com-analisis-bitcoin-y-ethereum-19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-1-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-300x178.jpg 300w, /uploads/2021/02/ 1024w, 02-19-2021-768x457.jpg 768w, -continues-surprised endo-1-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-24x14.jpg 24w, -19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-1-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-36x21.jpg 36w, 48w "sizes =" (max-width: 1280px ) 100vw, 1280px
Ethereum price chart 02/19/2021 | TradingView

Ethereum daily candles look very promising, the market and investors are still waiting for the $ 2,000.

Volume is still low, but upward pressure continues. ETH, as long as it remains above $ 1,913, has the probability of continuing its path towards the expected goal.


ANALYSIS ETHEREUM 19 02 2021 "width =" 1280 "height =" 761 "srcset =" -19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-2-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021.jpg 1280w, com-analisis-bitcoin-y-ethereum-19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-2-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-300x178.jpg 300w, /uploads/2021/02/ 1024w, 02-19-2021-768x457.jpg 768w, -continues-surprised endo-2-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-24x14.jpg 24w, -19082021-btc-y-eth-continues-surprising-2-analisis-ethereum-19-02-2021-36x21.jpg 36w, 48w "sizes =" (max-width: 1280px ) 100vw, 1280px
Ethereum price chart 02/19/2021 | TradingView

The stage promises. Ethereum bulls must outperform, at least in the short pazo the $ 1,950, if they want to stay up and exceed the target.

Below $ 1,900 is a good support that, if expired, May take price to rest at $ 1,880–1,860. You have to be vigilant!

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