11 Cardano projects will receive seed funding from Project Catalyst


Input Output published the list of new projects that will receive the Project Catalyst fund. These teams are working on groundbreaking updates to Cardano and the fund will help them progress faster. The ultimate goal is to help creative groups expand the Cardano ecosystem. The initial fund in Project Catalyst is $ 250,000 that will be awarded to 11 chosen teams.

Helping the community grow

The funds are standard solutions for companies to encourage and assist developers. In the blockchain world, funds are critical because they help start-up teams develop their projects faster. The end result will be more active developers in a community. The community will be more successful in attracting new users that will help the industry grow. Input Output is one of the biggest supporters in the Cardano community. Its Project Catalyst program aims to help development teams faster and easier.

Project Catalyst's new fund is called Fund2. It is the first stage of a roadmap called Voltaire. The main objective is to attract and encourage developers to find innovative ideas that help the Cardano community grow. Fund2 project participants submitted, debated, refined and voted on proposals using real ADA tokens. It was the first time that this type of project was managed by the token.

After days of evaluating and voting for / against the projects, 11 proposals are chosen to receive the $ 250,000 fund. These proposals focus on solutions that attract new developers to the community. Each of them proposes a new update on the Cardano blockchain that facilitates development processes.

The update of the PoolTool platform is one of the winners of Fund2, which focuses on offering additional products to interest group operators. The ultimate goal of this proposal is to improve the diversity of infrastructure on the blockchain. Other winning proposals are:

  • Ouroboros on RINA
  • Haskell / Plutus / Marlowe Education
  • Create a message signing standard
  • Liqwid: Cardano's loan markets for decentralized finance
  • Cardano for mobile DApp developers
  • GimbaLabs – starter kits and tools
  • Lovelace Academy for Marlowe and Plutus
  • Sign Tx Arduino
  • DApp pet registration with ₳ Pay:
  • Japan Cardano Governance Association: Meetings & Communities & Podcasts

Project Catalyst will be more active in 2021, encouraging developers to get more involved in the Cardano community. According to Dor Garbash's announcement post:

“We have bold and ambitious plans for Project Catalyst in 2021, with millions of dollars worth of ADA available to fund innovation at Cardano. Submissions for Fund3 will open tomorrow, so don't miss out on making your voice heard.

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